We are an export based company since 2007 and have
been an ancillary of our parent company Ms Trison
Exports. We have entered the local market with our plus
size wear collection, with a hope to fulfil the much
required demand for a good plus size wear brand.
We live for fashion and want to share our love of style
with you. We add new runway-inspired styles to our site
regularly and launch new collections on a regular basis.
We believe the difference between like and love is` The
perfect fit`. So we work hard to get ours right. Our
technical fit team is unparalleled and after our clothes hit
our site we read each and every review to keep working
towards the best fit.
Simply put, we make great jeans and
ZUSH is for denim lovers or basically anyone who
appreciates timeless designs that put you at ease.
As part of ZUSH we believe that integrity never goes
out of style.  In fact, we see it as a direct result of the
values we embrace - as a company and as people.
 Values like honesty, consideration and respect.  For
us, these are more than words.  They are embedded
in our work and form an integral part of our daily
We’ve made every effort to make sure you got from
point A to the best-fitting pants you’ve ever worn with
ease, because finding your fit should never be
Using the finest denim fabrics from the best mills
and applying the manually intensive artistic
processes in the laundry we transform the denim
and make it look effortless. We stick to simplicity as
our core design philosophy. We are driven by a
passion for responsible action, courageous change,
and great clothes. Every piece of clothing has a
story. We’re making sure that at every stage of their
journey, our clothes and the people making them are
treated with respect, and in turn, respect the world
around them.